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For more than 25 years, CADKON has been a well-established CAD solution for construction design, not only in the Czech Republic. Hundreds of architecture and design offices benefited from using CADKON for their projects of various size, functions and purpose buildings.

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 The new version, CADKON+ 2016, currently on the market, introduces a fundamental change in established practice.  There are 3 different modules: BASIC, ARCHITECTURE and MEP for MEP professions. Our new webpages provides customers and persons concerned with a full support and complete information about individual products including the opportunity to download test versions. Above mentioned is free of charge for the existing CADKON users with prepaid Subscription program.

"New version, CADKON+ 2016, is an important milestone in our planned future development. We are currently working on the english version and also the polish version should be available by the end of the year. ", anounced the technical director in GRAITEC s.r.o., Petr Teska.   

This also brings a change of marketing and distribution model, AB Studio Consulting+Engineering s.r.o., a long time guarantor and CADKON developer, takes over the development. Ing. Miroslav Kohout, Country manager in GRAITEC s.r.o. explains the step by following: "CADKON is a typical 2D product, used successfully where support of this type of product is needed. Our company, GRAITEC, is now a prosperous Autodesk Platinum Partner and we aspire to become the biggest partner for BIM solutions in the whole Europe. To focus entirely on professional supply and support of our wide product portfolio, we have decided to split BIM solution and CADKON development activities. We expect this to enable both domains to prosper even more, which will have a positive impact on our customers. We can therefore be once again closer to our customers using both CADKON and Autodesk BIM solution."

The new version, CADKON+ 2016, brings numerous innovations and improvements in its functionality including acceleration of the core itself. Moreover, we plan to introduce a new module for documentation management by the end of the year.

It can be expected, that the specialists in the field will see CADKON logo more and more often.

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