Be compatible

Apart from creating new projects, CADKON+ allows you to take over and modify other projects created originally in other CAD environments. This is possible thanks to independendence and openness of the whole system.


kompatibilita bigcut
nezavislost konstrukci
 Rendering of openings with doors into irregular walls

Independence of constructions

CADKON+ individual building constructions are independent on each other which gives you advantage in free choice of your work practice. As an illustration, you can place an opening with door in a wall which was not created in CADKON+. Parameters of such opening can be quickly edited by CADKON+ or in case of atypical requirements, the changes can be made using basic means of change.  Mutual independence of CADKON+ functions enables to use only the necessary tools while working on a project.

Drawing independence

Higher level of advance is that you can work with such drawings in another environment than CADKON+. No conversion is needed due to a native DWG format and thanks to construction and object rendering in basic entities. Such drawings will be easily loaded to any CAD program supporting DWG format.

nezavislost vykresu
Individual constructions are rendered using basic CAD elements.
basic formaty2 2
You can open and save drawings in any DWG format

Full compatibility of dwg formats

CADKON+ enables you to open and save drawings in the newest version of DWG format as well as in any older version.

You can also work with following formats:
File import: DWG, DXF, DXB, DWF, DWT, PDF, raster formats (JPG, TIF, BMP…)
File export: DWG, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, DWF, SVG, STL
Export in 3D PDF
Import and Export to ACIS files

Optimized display

All elements i.e. texts, dimensions, hatches, line types, bubbles and similair have an optimized appearance and size with regard to the set drawing scale. These settings can be changed anytime during your work. The main advantage is absence of necessity to repeatedly set your working environment which CADKON+ will do instead of you.

optimalizovane zobrazeni

sdielene knihovny
An option to set common paths to shared libraries

Shared libraries

You can share libraries of individual constructions, appearance and txt expressions of descriptions with your work colleagues. For example a library of lintel structures of one floor can be shared with a colleague working on a different floor or on a different part of the object.