Create drawings according to your company standards

CADKON+ enables the drawing enviroment to be set according to existing company standards. It includes mainly a layer system and settings of linetypes and lineweights connected with it, furthermore drawing scale, units, display of elements and library sharing which is pre-set but can be also modified and set according to your company standards.


Layer styles

Drawing settings can be changed and modified at will. Already in default settings, a system of layers and their color, linetypes and widths settings, which can be modified according to your company conventions. Company settings can be saved into a layer style and different settings to another one, because system allows multiple styles to be created. Drawing created in one layer style can be converted into a style of another layer, for example you can create a blank drawing from a fully fledged construction drawing or drawing created in a style of one company can be converted to a style of your cooperating company. All only by a few clicks

Drawing scales

After you set the scale, corresponding items will be set accordingly so you don't have to set them separately. It concerns mainly automatic settings of texts, dimensions, element bubbles, room descriptions, symbols and others. You can change the scale value while working or convert the current drawing to a drawing with a different scale value.

Change of the drawing scale
 Basic settings of units, scale and layers in CADKON+

Identical units

One of the company standards would certainly be which units are used in the drawing. CADKON gives you the option to use commonly used millimetres or to work in metres. Chosen units are connected with other pre-set settings, for example if you chose metres, the dimensions according to builder's display will be in millimetres.

Optimized display

All elements i.e. texts, dimensions, hatches, line types, bubbles and similair have an optimized appearance and size with regard to the set drawing scale. These settings can be changed anytime during your work. The main advantage is absence of necessity to repeatedly set your working environment which CADKON+ will do instead of you.

optimalizovane zobrazeni
Optimized view with regards to currently set scale 1:50
sdielene knihovny
Option to set shared paths to shared libraries

Shared libraries

You can share libraries of individual constructions, appearance and txt expressions of descriptions with your work colleagues. For example a library of lintel structures of one floor can be shared with a colleague working on a different floor or on a different part of the object.