Finish your drawing all-in

CADKON+ offers a wide variety of useful functions that can be used to finish a construction drawing with ease. They include dimensioning, text labels and references, legends of materials and used lines for cables, pipes, borders etc., stake points, stamps, drawing frames and much more.  


Dimensioning tool menu

Quick dimensioning

You can use a complex set of tools for dimensioning designed for quick dimensioning of construction drawings. It contains many important functions such as automatic dimension, oblique dimensioning, dimensioning of an opening by automatic subtracting of opening height and sill height, dimension dividing and joining, alligning dimensions to the same level, chain dimensioning, arc dimensioning, ...  


You can create material legends from hatch patterns or insulations usend in a drawing. There are also legends of used lines of engineering networks in situation drawings; CADKON+ also contains a complete library of them.

Lines of engineering networks and created legends
popisy textove odkazy
Prepared menu of tools for quick texts, references and descriptions

Labels and text references

Number of constructions in the drawing is labeled automatically. You will find text descriptions divided into groups according to size and font which you can use for quick desription of any elements. It is enough to choose a specific type of description, for example composite middle size reference without necessity to set the descritption first.

Area fillings

You can create your own patterns or use patterns according an updated norm ČSN 01 3406 (close cooperation with ČKAIT) or use used surface patterns that we use - these are the options to fill in areas with a hatch pattern.

vyplneni ploch
Selection of roofing hatch patterns
vytyc body
Parameter specification of a newly inserted point.

Stake points support

Stake points can be imported to the drawing through a text file, for example from a total station. Stake points can be updated consequently, you can insert your own points and list them all into a summarized table.

Stamps and drawing formats

CADKON+ offers inserting a format frame of a drawing according a selected area in the drawing while using A4 multiples. You can display marks to indicate drawing folds, you can use dynamic format block and insert ready to use drawing stamp as a part of every printed drawing. CADKON+ tools speed all these tasks.

razitka formaty vykresu
An example of a dynamic modification of used format and drawing stamp