Let CADKON create tables and legends

Rendered construction elements can be itemized and you may generate a table with a piece list and view schemes. It takes only a few clicks to create a room legend or a floor structure legend depending on the rooms.  


List od locksmith products in MS Excel

User items tables

Construction element lists

CADKON enables you to make lists of doors, windows, tinman, locksmith, carpenter and other products which are created base on items, so called "bubbles", used to specify these products in the drawing. An important tool to deal with frequent investor or designer changes is an Item manager, which can make mass changes in item numbering or change submitted item specification. All this is done in a well-arranged list with filter options. Designer has all the important item data directly in the drawing and not in an some external table. Item lists in a table, which is placed into the drawing into a separate table file, for example MS Excel, can be created in the final part of the project.

User tables of CADKON+ ARCHITECTURE items specified with bubbles in the drawing offer customized apperance of the tables which can be taken from already existing tables used for example as company standard. Second notable feature is automatic monitoring of the tables being up-to-date with specification of the product in the drawing and consequent fast actualization of those tables. 

User tables correspond with customer requirements and allows quick listing of individual product types into tables of random appearance. CADKON enables customer to create tables of different formats for different product types such as carpentry, ironmongery, plumbing or plastic etc.

Areas and room descriptions

You can subtract a room area from a floor-plan drawing easily by specifying one point in the room. Apart from subtracting the room area, its perimeter is also subtracted and after you specify the room, its description will be added to the drawing. Additional mass changes in numbering or updating areas after custom modification of room space arrangements come as a matter of fact. With a few clicks you can create room legend or legend of floor structures based on rooms.

plochy pop mistnosti
Table of rooms with list of areas in the drawing

dalsi tab legendy
Legend of engineering networks from a situation drawing

Additional tables and legends. 

Additional tables can be created from lintels, ceiling elements, tiles, concrete products, stake points and common blocks. You can also create legends in the drawing of used materials and lines of engineering networks in situation drawings. You can set custom features of tables and manage their contents.