Use the floor plans to create views and cuts 

To draw vertical cuts and views, CADKON+ provides tools, which you use to create cuts and views effectively and take use of already existing information from floor plan drawings.


Support of creating cut and view from a floor-plan

Vertical cut, view

The program supports cuts from selected walls, openings, lintels and ceilings and also creating of view displays of openings and fillings together with their visible wall edges. You can create cut or view of staircases, roofs and roof windows. In this way, you can use floor-plan drawings to quickly create basic cuts and views.


Floor structures

While drawing floor structures you can use the current structure library and customize your structure based on another one. Structures can be rendered in the drawing as a whole group or assembled on top of one another according to ceiling and floor constructions. They can also be used for details.

Definition and saving structures in a library
dynamicke bloky
Dynamic block library of opening fillings

Dynamic blocks

You can choose from an extensive selection of view schemes of windows and doors, roof sheath, crowns, gutters and other items in a block library. Item dynamics and parameter specification of properties is considerably time saving.

Elevation marks

Elevation marks have an automatic reading of elevation value with respect to a set base level. When the constructions are changed and elevation marks with them, all heights are updated automatically. 

vyskove kotovani
Parameter settings for elevation marks