Kompletní podpora 2D/3D kreslení

 All functions commonly used for drawing and drawing modifications are available. They are for example lines, polylines, copy, move, rotate, stretch, measure and many others.


 Basic drawing tools

Standard drawing tools

The following tools are available amongst others:

  • Line segment, polyline, spline
  • Circle, rectangle, ellipse, arc
  • Single and multiline text, dimensions
  • and many others

Modification and drawings changes

The following tools are available amongst others:

  • Copy, move, rotate
  • Extend, stretch, trim
  • Break, mirror, equidistant
  • and many others

2 2

Basic tools for changes and modifications

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Ukázka nastavení souřadných systémů výkresu

Layers and their properties

To manage your project easily, you can use a wide variety of tools to control layers:

  • Layer manager
  • Turn off, freeze, lock, unprintable
  • Turning off elements in a drawing by object selection
  • and many others

Other functions

Apart from the above mentioned functions and commants, you can also use:

  • Work with coordination systems
  • Viewports (layouts)
  • Work with block and attributes
  • Scaling
  • Drawing printing and transport
  • and many others

cad 3d

Illustration of coordination system settings of a drawing