Work environment

You can choose between a modern control environment using tool ribbons or a classic icon environment. Keyboard shortcut support or so called "Command Suggestion" are self-evident.


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 Illustration of a ribbon panel and a classic icons environment

Control by ribbon panels or classic icons

You can choose between a modern environment of ribbon panels or a classic enviroment with icons. Both enviroments can be combined and by using so called "Command Suggestions" you can achieve an effective control and higher work productivity.

100% English environment

The CADKON+ BASIC is 100% English, this especially includes commands, dialog windows, command line and electronic help. If you prefer using English commands, both languages can be used without any problem.

It is quick and easy to learn how to work with CADKON+ BASIC with various video tutorials and professional training available.

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An illustration of the English environment

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An example of settings or an alias import e.g. from AutoCAD

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts distinctly speed up and increase effectivity of work in almost every program.

CADKON+ BASIC enables the following:

  • Classic shortcuts and possibility to import AutoCAD shortcuts in PGP format
  • Accelerator keys without need for an ENTER confirmation
  • "Command Suggestion" (program offers relevant commands according to already typed letters)