Accurate and up-to-date lists of reinforcement

Lists automatically contains inserted reinforcement with respect to user settings. You can choose whether to show items from the entire drawing, selected elements, or layers. Any change in reinforcement will immediately appear in the list so that these are always up to date. Tables are usually placed in the drawing, but they can also be exported to Excel.

Report accuracy

The amount of used reinforcement results from the 3D model and it is therefore ensured its definite evaluation. In case of any reinforcement change (profile, length, amount...) anywhere in the drawing, the change is reflected into the 3D model and automatically also into the reinforcement table.

This principle applies for all types of reports and item summaries.

Export of reports

The reports are primarily generated directly into the drawings. However, other options are also available, such as:

  • exporting the report to Microsoft Excel (the application must be installed on the computer)
  • exporting the report to Apache OpenOffice Calc (he application must be installed on the computer)
  • exporting to a text file
03 export
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Report customization

CADKON+ RC contains already pre-defined reports to be used promptly. We understand, though, that each user has their own ways, so an opportunity to customize the reports to the smallest detail is provided. You can set for example:

  • colour of elements in the report (lines, texts, schemes, dimensions,...)
  • text style (font, size,...)
  • format of report units (lengths, weight,...)
  • number, order and width of report columns
  • coeficient of extra charge for overlaps
  • insertion point and formatting marks


Item summaries

Item summary (representation) may be either part of a table or generated independently. You can generate each item individually, from selected elements and layers or automatically from the whole drawing.

The programme will inform you about items without representation and simultaneously warns you about one item with multiple representations. The appearance of the item summary, including bubbles, can be customized.

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