Any rebar shape

 The program includes a library of frequently used reinforcement shapes, including 3D shapes. Other shapes can be defined using a curve or by formwork. A variable length item is available for form-complex constructions, and you can use an item in linear meters to reinforce wreaths or like wall secondary reinforcement.

02 TvaryVlozek

Any rebar shape

Reinforcement shapes can be defined by:

  • selecting a shape type – the most often used shapes of reinforcing bars are defined using parameters. More than 50 basic bends, stirrups and spatial bars.
  • specifying points of formwork - the bar shape is defined by points on the formwork and specified bar cover.
  • selecting a polyline drawn in AutoCAD or Desktop – defines the bar shape using a selected polyline. It defines directly the shape of the support or edge of the formwork.
  • selecting cross bars – the bar shape is defined by inserts that it encloses.

When defining new bar items, CADKON checks whether an item of the same shape and steel already exists.


Item of variable length

For constructions of difficult shapes an item of variable length is available. Increments of bar section lengths may be constant or variable (in rotation, with a different spacing).

The item of variable length can be easily created by trimming a normal item with specified points or previously defined polyline. For trimming, you can use either straight or arc segments.

02 PromennePol
02 PolBMa
Item n. 10 is classic, item n. 20 is in running metres

Item in running metres

For wreath reinforcement or for a dividing wall or a plate we use an item in running metres that is reported by a total length with a possible increase of this length using a specified coefficient.

Bar and surface constructions

Support can be laid into a formwork either as individual bars or as bar rows. The rows can be straight, arc or based on any planar polyline. The distance of bars in the row can uniform or variable.

02 PrutovePlosne
02 radial tangencial vyztuz

Radial and tangential reinforcement

Circular regions can be reinforced by a tangential or radial reinforcement with different options of the construction centre reinforcement.To insert such a reinforcement, you can also use some specific functions:

  • tangential reinforcement to circular region
  • tangential reinforcement to circular sector
  • radial reinforcement placement (version 2019 and above)