Full-featured CAD tool

Including all the powerful drawing, editing and viewing functions you expect from a standard CAD program, including full compatibility with DWG® format.

It offers to its users a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for frequent demands when creating and modifying drawings

 CADKON+ BASIC environment


Standard CAD tool

CADKON+ RC is CAD software fully compatible with DWG® format. It offers to its users a simple, natural and cost-effective solution for frequent demands when creating and modifying drawings. With a modern and easy-to-use interface, CADKON+ RC creates all 2D and 3D elements, it contains functions to navigate in the drawing and visualise it and also works with terms such as "layers", "grip points", "windows" etc.


DWG and DXF format support

CADKON+ RC reads and creates .DWG files in their native format without any data loss, starting with AutoCAD ® 2018 format and continuing all the way back to version 2.5, including the AutoCAD LT® version.

It goes without saying that CADKON+ RC also opens files in the current format DWG 2018.

Because CADKON+ RC uses Autodesk ® DWG ™ format as a native file format, no conversion is needed.

formaty dwg en
 Loading or saving in any DWG format version
basic rastr2
PDF or scanned drawing underlay

 Raster formats, PDF and other options

You can also work with following formats in CADKON+ RC:

  • File import: DWG, DXF, DXB, DWF, DWT, DGN, PDF, raster formats (JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG…)
  • File export: DWG, PDF, BMP, WMF, EMF, DWF, SVG, STL
  • Export to 3D PDF
  • Import and export to ACIS files

Common drawing tools

Available tools include:

  • Line, polyline, spline
  • Circle, rectangle, ellipse, arc
  • Text and Mtext, dimensions
  • and many others
basic bezne nastroje
Basic drawing tools
basic editace
Basic tools to edit and modify

Editing and changes in a drawing

You can use tools such as:

  • Copy, move, rotate
  • Extend, stretch, trim
  • Break, mirror, offset
  • and many others

Layers and their properties

To manage your project effectively, you can use various tools to work with layers:

  • Layer Manager
  • Turn off, freeze, lock a layer, no plot layer
  • Turn elements off in the drawing by selecting an object
  • and many others
basic hladiny
Wide range of tools to manage layers
basic ostatni
Illustration of the drawing coordinate system settings

Other functions

In addition to the above mentioned functions and commands, you can also:

  • Work with coordinate systems
  • Use paper space (layouts)
  • Work with blocks and attributes
  • Measure
  • Print and transfer drawings
  • and much more

Control using ribbons or standard icons

A modern ribbon environment is available but you can also use the classic icons. Both settings can be combined and with so called „command prompt“ you can achieve a very effective control and increase your work productivity.

basic prostredi
Illustration of ribbons or classic icons
basic ceske prostredi
Example of a fully localised Czech environment

Fully Czech environment

CADKON+ RC is fully localised into the Czech language. It concersn mainly commands, dialog windows, command line and electronic help. However, if you prefer using english commands, it is not a problem to use both language versions.

With many tutorial videos and professional seminars, you will learn to use CADKON+ RC fairly quickly.

Shortcut keys

Using shortcut keys will help you to use the programme more effectively and therefore to accelerate your work.

CADKON+ RC provides for following:

  • Classic shortcuts with the option to import shortcuts from AutoCAD in PGP format
  • Acceleration shortcuts without the need to confirm them with Enter
  • „Command prompt“ (based on entered letters, the programme will offer corresponding commands)
basic zkratky 1
 An example of setting or importing shortcut keys, e.g. from AutoCAD