Integrated reinforcement 3D model

All inserted reinforcement also has its 3D model, which acts as a basis for its display and evaluation. This guarantees a clear evaluation of the amount of reinforcement used and also the display of reinforcement in 2D views. Changes made in one view are automatically taken into account in all other views.

Reinforcement 3D model

The key feature in CADKON+ RC is a reinforcement model. The basis of the model is a formwork shape, which can be created from 2D sections (2D CAD entity) or 3D objects (ACIS solids). CADKON automatically adds each reinforcement created by the user into the formwork shape.

The reinforcement is inserted in 2D on relevant sections or views. These 2D sections are interrelated and create together the spatial reinforcement model.



Model advantages

  • modifications of one section are automatically taken into account in all other sections
  • definite evaluation of used reinforcement amount
  • it is not necessary to repeat reinforcement insertion if bars are displayed in multiple sections
  • it is possible to draw any other reinforcement sections immediately
  • reinforcement can be displayed in a spatial view

04 RCplugin

Shapes from Revit - BIM

Part of CADKON+ RC is also an extention to the Autodesk Revit application, which enables to export 3D formwork shape and use it as a definition of a shape to be reinforced. Owing to this feature, CADKON+ RC can be easily used for reinforcing projects created with BIM technology.