Reinforcement with welded nets

Rebar meshes tools include a user-extensible meshes library, inserting single meshes, modifying and cutting them, pulling networks out of the floor plan with dimensioning, and a mesh schedule. There are a wide range of mesh presentation settings.

The availability of rebar meshes tools is subject to an Ultimate license.

Inserting and cutting meshes

The advantage of using meshes in CADKON+ RC is their full integration with existing reinforcement tools. The meshes are automatically displayed in all sections of the structure and all information about the meshes in the drawing is immediately up-to-date when changes are made, including the annotation of mesh items with their dimensions, schedules and shape details.

The mesh can be repeatedly inserted into the drawing using a definition point. Grip points are available on the created mesh at the distance of the mesh overlaps, which facilitates further copying of meshes.

Common CAD commands (COPY, MOVE, MIRROR, ROTATE) can be used to modify individual meshes. Cutting meshes allows you to modify the shape of selected meshes according to the specified or selected boundary polyline.


Mesh schedule and mesh shape schema

The Mesh shape schema command inserts a shape from each mesh item, including an additional circumscribed rectangle, and dimensions of the mesh shape. The command inserts a schedule with a list of items in the drawing, which is automatically updated.

Of course, there is support for exporting the schedule to an external TXT or XLS file.


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