User customozation

The program is prepared so that the resulting drawings conform to common practice. But it also includes the ability to customize outputs according to individual user standards. It is possible to set layers, colors, fonts, appearance of dimensions and lists of reinforcement. All settings can be saved for future use or transferred to another computer.

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Wide range of use

CADKON+ RC is designed to be used both in domestic and foreign designer's offices, therefore it supports all kinds of demands on reinforcement drawing methods. It contains more than 12 methods of drawing and describing of rows of bars, various description formats using set masks. Every reinforcing insert can be displayed in each 2D section in a different way. Drawing documentation can be in any language, including tables, descriptions and layers (i.e. in Slovak). When transferring the drawing to a different settings, the names of layers will be automatically converted.




CADKON+ RC supports checks of basic normalized construction principles, such as automatic construction splaying of bar segments, automatic rounding of bar lengths, end modifications according to norms (PKT, PÚ etc.), maximum length of reinforcing bars, minimum covering layer, minimum and maximum distance between bars etc..

ČSN, EUROCODE and DIN standards are implemented in the current version. Setting for construction principles, drawing methods, contents and layout of tables can be saved and re-used.

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