During many years of CADKON programs being available so many of our customers have used it to help create their projects more efficiently. Take a look at the selected projects to get an idea in which areas our programs can be used to create project documentation.

Community centre BECHERPLATZ

Community centre BECHERPLATZ | Porticus s.r.o. | Czech Republic

BECHERPLATZ developed from remodelling the 170 year old factory where the world-renowned liquor Becherovka was produced.
Several buildings were used for production, bottling and expedition of Carlsbad liquor BECHEROVKA. There was a Becherovka museum and shop on the 1st above ground floor and basement. The 2nd floor served as administrative premises and higher floors as company flats.  
The remodelling of the former Becherovka factory created an area of tourism in the very centre of Carlsbad. Its features evoke atmoshpere of the traditional town square from the 19th century where people can rest in a coffee shop Kaffee Magazin or buy souvenirs, delicacies or the Charles IV beer. You can descend from the town square by oak stairs directly to an original restaurant and brewery called Charles IV.

Winery GOTBERG, Popice | Bukolsky Architekti | Czech Republic

The building is located on the land registred to the village of Popice, beyond a second landscape shift north from village Stará hora. It is an example of a winery built a modern style which was chosen as "The best industry building of the South Moravian Region of 2009" .
Prior to urban solution, a terrain and landscape study was conducted, paying special attention to the country side and its phenomenons. Sloping hills, landscape of wine region, predomininatly easterly winds, wine orchard and most of all the panoramatic view of Pálava hills and water reservoir Nové Mlýny, became the determining factors of the construction.
Projection of these elements into the urban modern object is the main theme of the whole project and it determines the building in light of shape, size and function.
The building is closely bound with the landscape that it is growing from, it is built into the slope which is partially covering it.

Winery GOTBERG, Popice


Relaxing pool BLUE SAPPHIRE AQUACITY POPRAD | Archstudio s.r.o. | Slovakia

As well as the fun pool, the relaxation pool is an extension of the water attraction capacity in Aquacity Poprad area. It is an all-season roofed heated pool which will increase the thermal water utilization for relaxing baths by designing a perfectly shaped and sized pool.
Prevádzkovo is a relaxation pool connected to existing premises of Aquacity using its sanitation facilities (changing and dressing rooms). It will be operating in the same regime as the existing pools including the admission system.

School canteen Mnichovo Hradiště | TopDesign Projekty | Czech Republic

A new school canteen, also providing meals to public, will be placed in the town centre monument zone of Mnichovo Hradiště and it will replace the current canteen.
A wall from a raw reinforced concrete, designed alongside a road, will be bent in a circular arc on the corner creating a "barrier" on the boundary: public area X inner area. While there will be circular holes in the reinforced concrete wall, the northwest and southwest exterior will be simple with white rendering with uniform square and rectangular holes.
There will be two separate canteens, one for students, the other for public, separated by a block with kitchen. Construction system is designed as a load-bearing wall system, stud framed. Foundation constructions are made by concrete stirps and load-bearing walls will be made up of porous concrete blocks (apart from the peripheral reinforced concrete wall). Ceiling is projected as combined from prefabricated reinforced concrete ceiling blocks and monolithic reinforced concrete (above the public canteen).

School canteen Mnichovo Hradiště

Educational and cultural centre Broumov - monastery revitalization

Educational and cultural centre Broumov - monastery revitalization | INS spol. s r.o. | Czech Republic

This project deals with a revitalization of a precious national cultural monument with respect to its historical value. The main aim of the project is to maximize use of the unused monastery premises - to create premises for an educational and cultural centre serving both professionals and public. Premises are designed with respect to current space arrangement in order to minimalize any necessary demolitions.
The project documentation required modelling of a current state of the building (individual floor plans, sections, views, site plans) and consequently the project documentation for consolidated territorial and building proceedings.

Reconstructions CUH Motol | SANIT STUDIO | Czech Republic


A project of an inner plumbing system is dealing with draining of indoor waste and rainwater from adjoining buildings into the CUH Motol separate sewer system. Projection documentation handles the complex reconstruction of current MEP equipment with respect to a new technical layout of the building.

Using CADKON+ MEP enabled a faster reaction to the chief draughtsman's and investor's requests during conceptual modifications including the subsequent "actual construction" execution in this profession. The benefit of using the advanced functions applies right from the start of the project, for example fast and effective drawing of risers, piping manifolds, additional waste parts (inlets, traps....). Other frequently used functions simplifying the work on this project were piping legends, dimensioning, waste system unfolded section view etc. You can also choose from numerous blocks that are well-arranged in menus and their insertion to the drawing takes a minimum amount of time.

Reconstructions CUH Motol

Apartment block Česká near Brno

Apartment block Česká near Brno | TERMING | Czech Republic


It is an implementation project of heating of a newly built apartment block with 30 flats in "Locality 32" in Česká near Brno. The plan was projected during the first half of 2009 and the building is now close to being completed.

The source of heat are gas condensing boilers placed on the ground floor of each of the 5 segments of the house. The heating system uses hot water radiators. Each housing unit is fitted with a temperature sensor and a thermoregulator controlling a zone valve to control temperature of each housing unit. The boilers also provide the heating of water by indirectly heated water reservoirs placed close to the boilers. 

The project is containing floor plan drawings of four floors and heating schemes of 5 segments of the building.

Scientific development centre DOOSAN | ATAVIS | Czech Republic


MEP implementation project of a new development centre building. The subject of this project was a waste system situated underground, below the flooring, and draining waste water from the sanitary facilities.

The program CADKON was used to render the paths of underground horizontal branch drains, with a subsequent addition of sections of above-ground waste system parts.

Scientific development centre DOOSAN

Malostranská Beseda reconstruction

Malostranská Beseda reconstruction | APRIS 3MP | Czech Republic


The aim of the reconstruction was a complete renovation of Malostranská city hall including completion of the original towers and gable ends which were removed from the building in 1828. The building is of an immense historical and architectural importance for the whole Prague historical centre area. The reconstruction included structural changes, which meant restoration of the original historical features and the removal later insensitive alterations, a full-scale concept of a whole new technical installation, structural renovation, due to poor state of the renaissance truss, with respect to a future utilization of the attic area.

Apartment block Bělohorská | CENTRALGROUP | Czech Republic


A luxurious residential project with 35 flats and penthouses and commercial premises on the ground floor is being developed in Prague 6 - Břevnov. This new block of apartments is set in a pleasant current built-up area. Tram and bus stops are situated directly in front of the building and it only takes aprox. 15 mins to metro A station Hradčanská. Břevnov has all the community facilities - kindergarten, basic and secondary schools, post office, municipal office, restaurants and many shops offering a wide selection of products and services. Citizens can relax in a nearby reserve Hvězda with its villa and Ladronka park.

Apartment block Bělohorská

Baumax České Budějovice

Baumax České Budějovice | EI-PROJEKT | Czech Republic


BAUMAX shopping centre was designed as a detached object with purpose of providing supplies for craftsmen, gardeners and households.

The object is a single storey retail building divided into individual product segments by a storage shelving system.

One hall section is used as a garden centre with an outside retail floorspace connected to the indoor garden area.

The connection is ensured via glass wall and automatic door. The rear part of the indoor retail space is linked to an inside storage area and an adjacent cold building materials retail and storage area. 

DRIVE-IN with possibility of car entry. Part of the storage area inside of the hall is designated for deliveries, nearby is a trimming/cutting area for small adjustments of purchased boards.

Florentinum | PBA International Prague | Czech Republic


Florentinum Project is the largest office building in the Czech Republic, incorporated into existing terraced houses in Prague 1, on the lot of the former Typography (The Red Truth publishing). This implies not only abnormally large scale of ventilation systems (there are 5 engine rooms in the basement, total volumetric flow of fresh air for the office area alone is around 250.000 m3 / h), but also the geometric complexity of the plan. The construction connects with the existing historical buildings almost across its entire circumference and facades of higher floors are gradually receding to avoid overshadowing of neighbouring buildings.


New multifunctional building DIAMANT VN3

New multifunctional building DIAMANT VN3 | ALPINE-ENERGIE Česko | Czech Republic


The multifunctional building Diamant was completed in the fourth quarter of 2013 and it is today the state-of-the-art building on Wenceslas square. The building has seven aboveground and two underground floors that are used as technologic background, stores and retail areas. Ground, first and second floors are taken up with retail areas, third to fifth floor serve as offices to many prestigious companies. 24 luxurious apartmens for short- and long-term rent are situated in 6th and 7th floor.

Reconstruction of the administrative building QUBIX | ALPINE-ENERGIE Česko | Czech Republic


The Qubix 4 project is a reconstruction of an office building from 1976 to a modern office building with ground floor used for commercial purposes. The building has seven floors above ground and one underground floor, which serves as a garage and technologic background. Restaurants and shops are located on the ground floor, other floors are used as offices.

Reconstruction of the administrative building QUBIX

Polyfunctional building KARLÍN

Polyfunctional building KARLÍN | PROJEKT CENTRUM NOVA s.r.o. | Czech Republic

This projection documentation deals with a newly built apartment block with 14 house units and a car showroom. The original car showroom is not compliant with current requirements for modern car retail therefore the object needs a total reconstruction which is object of this project documentation. The purpose of the premises remains unchanged, only flats in 3rd to 6th floor are added. The bottom part of the building, the car showroom with its two floors, occupies approximately the same space as the original one. Mass of the upper part of the building gives in in the north to the neighbouring house and takes up only about two thirds of the showroom's floor plan. The rest of the showroom's roof area is made of green vegetation and 3rd floor flats terraces.