During many years of CADKON programs being available so many of our customers have used it to help create their projects more efficiently. Take a look at the selected projects to get an idea in which areas our programs can be used to create project documentation.

Baumax České Budějovice

Baumax České Budějovice | EI-PROJEKT | Czech Republic


BAUMAX shopping centre was designed as a detached object with purpose of providing supplies for craftsmen, gardeners and households.

The object is a single storey retail building divided into individual product segments by a storage shelving system.

One hall section is used as a garden centre with an outside retail floorspace connected to the indoor garden area.

The connection is ensured via glass wall and automatic door. The rear part of the indoor retail space is linked to an inside storage area and an adjacent cold building materials retail and storage area. 

DRIVE-IN with possibility of car entry. Part of the storage area inside of the hall is designated for deliveries, nearby is a trimming/cutting area for small adjustments of purchased boards.

Florentinum | PBA International Prague | Czech Republic


Florentinum Project is the largest office building in the Czech Republic, incorporated into existing terraced houses in Prague 1, on the lot of the former Typography (The Red Truth publishing). This implies not only abnormally large scale of ventilation systems (there are 5 engine rooms in the basement, total volumetric flow of fresh air for the office area alone is around 250.000 m3 / h), but also the geometric complexity of the plan. The construction connects with the existing historical buildings almost across its entire circumference and facades of higher floors are gradually receding to avoid overshadowing of neighbouring buildings.


New multifunctional building DIAMANT VN3

New multifunctional building DIAMANT VN3 | ALPINE-ENERGIE Česko | Czech Republic


The multifunctional building Diamant was completed in the fourth quarter of 2013 and it is today the state-of-the-art building on Wenceslas square. The building has seven aboveground and two underground floors that are used as technologic background, stores and retail areas. Ground, first and second floors are taken up with retail areas, third to fifth floor serve as offices to many prestigious companies. 24 luxurious apartmens for short- and long-term rent are situated in 6th and 7th floor.

Reconstruction of the administrative building QUBIX | ALPINE-ENERGIE Česko | Czech Republic


The Qubix 4 project is a reconstruction of an office building from 1976 to a modern office building with ground floor used for commercial purposes. The building has seven floors above ground and one underground floor, which serves as a garage and technologic background. Restaurants and shops are located on the ground floor, other floors are used as offices.

Reconstruction of the administrative building QUBIX

Polyfunctional building KARLÍN

Polyfunctional building KARLÍN | PROJEKT CENTRUM NOVA s.r.o. | Czech Republic

This projection documentation deals with a newly built apartment block with 14 house units and a car showroom. The original car showroom is not compliant with current requirements for modern car retail therefore the object needs a total reconstruction which is object of this project documentation. The purpose of the premises remains unchanged, only flats in 3rd to 6th floor are added. The bottom part of the building, the car showroom with its two floors, occupies approximately the same space as the original one. Mass of the upper part of the building gives in in the north to the neighbouring house and takes up only about two thirds of the showroom's floor plan. The rest of the showroom's roof area is made of green vegetation and 3rd floor flats terraces.